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Use the GET verb to get search results based on a query.

Example request:

http://twapi.tunewiki.com/search?type=lyrics&q=hear+jerusalem_bells+ts=<current timestamp>&apiKey=<apikey>&apiPass=<apipass>

Example response:

    "type": "lyrics",
    "hasMore": true,
    "results": [
            "playcount": 648167,
            "score": 5.2134,
            "artist": {
                "id": 16019,
                "name": "Coldplay"
            "song": {
                "id": 915214,
                "artist_id": 16019,
                "name": "Viva La VIda"
            "line": "sand I hear Jerusalem bells a'ringing Roman Cavalry choirs are sing…"

Types of searches you can perform:

The following are valid values for the type parameter on the request

  1. lyrics - match a phrase from the lyrics of a song
  2. songs - match a song name (do not include the artist name in your query)
  3. artistsongs - match a song name (DO include the artist name in your query). This is more accurate than a bare songs search.
  4. artists - match an artist by name
  5. hashtags - match shares based on a hashtag (example #templatetuesday)
  6. shares - match shares based on any word in the comment.

Response Properties:

Response properties change depending on the type of search you are performing:

  1. type echoes back the type you requested
  2. hasMore indicates if there are more search results beyond the page you received.
  3. score indicates the accuracy of the match
  4. playcount the number of times this song has been played
  5. artist the artist associated with this match or share
  6. song the song associated with this match or share
  7. line the snippet of lyrics including the match
  8. user the user associated with the share or comment